A Lion-A Natural Leader: Stephanie Cormier Chaisson Memorial Award Recipient

A devoted mother and dedicated worker, Stephanie Cormier Chaisson was a born leader.  As president of the parent committee of École Notre-Dame-du-Cap on the Port au Port Peninsula, for many years, she was an inspiration to teachers and students. 

Planning and organizing activities, meals, outings and fundraisers came naturally to her, and she sometimes dipped into her own pocket to ensure equality among all.  When her children were involved in sports, she encouragingly attended all events and led in the fundraising for any field trips or celebrations. Compassion, eagerness, motivation, good-spirit, confidence, tolerance, charm and dedication are among the many qualities that made Stephanie a wonderful leader. In memory of Stephanie Cormier Chaisson, the Bay St. George Status of Women Council in partnership with the College of the North Atlantic offers a leadership award to a Community Studies student who demonstrates leadership and compassion in their community and student life.

Women of Ecole Polytech Massacre remembered during candlelight vigil

On December 6, 2018 during a candlelight vigil remembering 14 young women whose lives were cut short at the hands of a violent man in Montreal, Lion Lenny Tiller was named the recipient of this award. 

Lion Lenny Tiller with past award recipient and presenter, Lion Brenda Dennis

Volunteering in many capacities, Lion Lenny believes 

“when you give to your community you will receive back 10 times the reward and we fight as community leaders which gives me hope that future generations won’t be faced with problems such as oppression, marginalization, pay equity issues, a crippling minimum wage system, and political division. Our job as leaders is to make a better tomorrow.”

As Lions, We Serve…our communities, our people…and together we make our world a better place. It is under leadership qualities such as those demonstrated by our younger Lions that the vision of Lions Club International will continue.

Lion Lenny is the fourth Stephenville Lion to receive the Stephanie Cormier Chaisson Memorial Leadership Award…he joins Lions Sharon Williston, Brenda Dennis and Daryl Oakley in his honour. 

Congratulations to all!

New Voices of Lions…Stephenville Leo and Lions members gather for remembrance and change!