Going to the Dogs and Proud of it!

Last year our club sought out to raise funds to secure the sponsorship of an Autism Assistance dog for a young child, through Dog Guides of  Canada…and after much effort, commitment and time, we did…of course, with special luck and the generosity of an anonymous donor we were able to reach our goal quicker. 

But, one dog just doesn’t cut it for our club. So this year, we’ve accepted a new goal. With this being Diabetes Awareness Month, we have tasked ourselves with the goal of raising enough funds, $8000 to be exact, to sponsor a Diabetic Alert dog and after today, we’re halfway there.

Thanks to Lion Brenda Dennis and her committee, they have organized and hosted two craft fairs in aid of raising funds towards this goal. Today, nearly 300 people walked through our doors to seek out a unique and special Christmas gift idea, with little thought to how this decision was helping our club reach our goal.

Special thanks to the many Lions who supported and helped make today’s fundraiser a success. To the dozens of vendors who knitted, crafted, baked and lugged heavy cartons and set up tables, we thank you! To those who supported our efforts by purchasing 50/50 tickets, tickets on our beautiful Scentsy basket that was graciously donated by Heather  Benoit our most heartfelt sincerity. In addition to all this, a big shout out to the Stephenville Community Youth Network youth for your outpouring of kindness in donating all money raised at your table to us…nearly $300 in fact.

Together we will change the life of one person…and for that all this is worth it. Dog Guides of Canada assist individuals daily who are challenged with disabilities, lead independent lives, that is all any of us want, it is the least of what we deserve and the Stephenville Lions are happy to be able to help.

During this Christmas gift giving season, why not forego the traditional trek to the overcrowded malls, stop spending hours searching online sites and make a generous donation in your loved one’s name to a gift that continues to give. Donate to the Dog Guides of Canada foundation today! Every dollar counts towards a new life for someone, it could one day be your loved one! Give generously today!

Check out the many ways you can help! https://www.dogguides.com/donate.html



Beating Cancer One Step at a Time

On Sunday, Sept 16, 2018 dozens of folks in the Stephenville area gathered and registered to participate in the annual Terry Fox Run.-The Marathon of Hope. Among those registered were the Stephenville Lions Club (SLC). For three of those walking, this was personal; each had or is still battling his own fight with a form of cancer. 

Members proudly carried the banner and stood tall and strong putting one foot in front of the other as they reverently remembered another soul. One who gallantly and courageously, so many years ago, set across this country to travel a lonely journey in his efforts to find a cure to cancer. Terry’s Dream was that one day a cure would be found so that he and others like him could dream of a day when there would be no more pain or tears due to this deadly disease.

As Club President, Lion Corinne, stated during a recent email urging all members to join, “cancer doesn’t care about age, health or physical ability…why then should we?” 

Community members of all ages participated on all levels, with some only going a short distance, with others completing the 10 km trek. Many jogged, others walked and some little ones even rolled. 

It is because of funds raised, like the $650 donated by SLC, that today the Canadian Cancer Society and other research companies worldwide are financially able to continue research and development of new medications, treatment and, hopefully, one day soon a cure. 

In the meanwhile, those like the Stephenville Lions, will give life to Terry’s vision and his legacy of keeping the journey going, “It’s got to keep going without me!”