A Cause for Celebration! Nearly Seven Decades of Lionism!

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019 nearly 60 Lions, Lioness, family members and special guests gathered to celebrate 67 years of Lionism as the Stephenville Lions Club celebrated their Charter Anniversary. An active club of 55 members, the Stephenville Lions Club has a proven track record of assisting and supporting many community events, programs and fundraisers. Deputy Mayor Susan Fowlow acknowledged and thanked the club for their dedication and commitment to improving Stephenville and surrounding areas. 

Lion Corinne Tulk, the first female elected club president, congratulated and thanked each member for their contributions, kindness and generosity towards their fellow human being.

“Thank you to the members who chartered Stephenville Lions Club and for making it such a great organization that we spend hours here monthly discussing how we can continue bringing joy and peace to someone’s life. How each dollar we donate can bring indescribable joy and relief to someone’s day without having ever met them.”We each have an amazing gift to give, a talent to share, a power to change someone’s life. As Lions we have a laid a foundation to be proud of, but we can’t stop now… there is still so much work to do.”

Keynote speaker, Lisa Henley, Wellness Coordinator with Western Health spoke to those gathered regarding self-care and wellness and proposed opportunities for future partnerships to target one of the Lions International pillars-Diabetes. Minahil Khan, the judges’ choice for this year’s Speak Out spoke on a topic she believes deeply in and how today’s generation could benefit from the additional of a Mental Wellness class and how it has been proven to drastically reduce and help depression in other countries of the world. 

PDG Lion John Framp charged two new Lions during their induction ceremony to be “proud to wear their Lions emblem” knowing they are part of the world’s largest service organization. MP Gudie Hutchings was unable to attend, but did want to honour and celebrate those Lions in the room who has dedicated and given over 20 years of their lives to improving the lives of others. 

All in all, the evening was enjoyed with all the fuss and mess that it deserved for its 67 year span. 

The Stephenville Lions Club would like to offer congratulations to the Stephenville Lioness Club for 66 years! 

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Going to the Dogs and Proud of it!

Last year our club sought out to raise funds to secure the sponsorship of an Autism Assistance dog for a young child, through Dog Guides of  Canada…and after much effort, commitment and time, we did…of course, with special luck and the generosity of an anonymous donor we were able to reach our goal quicker. 

But, one dog just doesn’t cut it for our club. So this year, we’ve accepted a new goal. With this being Diabetes Awareness Month, we have tasked ourselves with the goal of raising enough funds, $8000 to be exact, to sponsor a Diabetic Alert dog and after today, we’re halfway there.

Thanks to Lion Brenda Dennis and her committee, they have organized and hosted two craft fairs in aid of raising funds towards this goal. Today, nearly 300 people walked through our doors to seek out a unique and special Christmas gift idea, with little thought to how this decision was helping our club reach our goal.

Special thanks to the many Lions who supported and helped make today’s fundraiser a success. To the dozens of vendors who knitted, crafted, baked and lugged heavy cartons and set up tables, we thank you! To those who supported our efforts by purchasing 50/50 tickets, tickets on our beautiful Scentsy basket that was graciously donated by Heather  Benoit our most heartfelt sincerity. In addition to all this, a big shout out to the Stephenville Community Youth Network youth for your outpouring of kindness in donating all money raised at your table to us…nearly $300 in fact.

Together we will change the life of one person…and for that all this is worth it. Dog Guides of Canada assist individuals daily who are challenged with disabilities, lead independent lives, that is all any of us want, it is the least of what we deserve and the Stephenville Lions are happy to be able to help.

During this Christmas gift giving season, why not forego the traditional trek to the overcrowded malls, stop spending hours searching online sites and make a generous donation in your loved one’s name to a gift that continues to give. Donate to the Dog Guides of Canada foundation today! Every dollar counts towards a new life for someone, it could one day be your loved one! Give generously today!

Check out the many ways you can help! https://www.dogguides.com/donate.html