A Humbling Experience

It’s not too often our President Lion Corinne Tulk is left speechless, but on May 25, 2019 she was.

During the Multiple N District Convention evening banquet, Past International Director (PID) Rod Wright presented several 4th level awards, the International President’s (IP Certificate of Appreciation. He spoke of the highest accolades and achievement awards presented by Lions International (as follows)

  • 4th: International President’s Certificate of Appreciation
  • 3rd: International President’s Leadership Medal
  • 2nd: International President’s Presidential Medal of Honor
  • 1st: Ambassador of Good Will Medal

When PID Rod shared that such an award would be presented that evening, many hushed exchanges were heard. Stephenville Club President herself was vying for her own choice of recipient. Little did she know she was about to receive this great honour. As her name was called, jubilation and cheers could be heard throughout the building from her own attending club members. To a standing ovation, Lion Corinne made her way to the front of the room, after being urged on by her fellow dinner mates. 

In disbelief and humility she accepted the award and spoke with those attending. “I am not a Lion for credit or awards,” she said. Being a young Lion of six years, she spoke of how she has surrounded herself with great mentors and how she has tried to mimic compassion, humility and service of those she calls her Lion family. That to be able to that “is a privilege and an honour, and to be awarded such an esteem achievement among so many experienced and wise Lions is humbling.”

It is reported that the Ambassador of Good Will Medal is presented up to a maximum of 35 per year among the 1.4 million Lion volunteers worldwide.