A Cut Above the Rest: Lions Recognized for their Volunteer Work

Several members of the Stephenville Lions family were recognized for their exemplary dedication to their community through their volunteer work.

Youth of the Year!

Leo President, Janey-Lynn Perrier was named Youth of the Year with a bio that spoke of her leadership qualities and her commitment to building a better community for her peers and their future. 


Citizen of the Year!

Lion Brenda Dennis was nominated by the BSG Status of Women for Citizen of the Year. A new member of two years, Lion Brenda has actively jumped into the thick of all things Lions. Adjusting her busy schedule, she happily attends training events, conventions, meetings and conferences bringing newly acquired knowledge and passion for improving others’ lives back to her club and community.

Lions International was excited to make history in 2018 with the election of our first female Lions International President. Under her new initiative to promote equality and equity for female members, Lion Brenda was appointed as New Voices Marketing within our district (to put in perspective, we include west of the Avalon, Labrador and southern Quebec). She has also played a vital role in the renewal of our Stephenville Leo Club in November 2018 after a 20-year recess actively taking on the role of Co-Advisor.

On July 1, 2018 Lion Brenda was elected to take on the role that is the heartbeat of any successful organization. As Club Secretary she spends hundreds of hours recording and reporting club activities during two monthly meetings, and monthly on-line reporting to Lions Club International. She continues to monitor our calendar while corresponding and communicating between the board and regular members. She contacts all 55 members to advise of upcoming events, and recruits volunteers for such. If Lions are represented, you can rest assured, Lion Brenda is among them.

In addition to these duties, she also sits and plays an active role on many sub-committees including Membership, Special Events, and Global Service. In 2018 she planned and organized several craft fairs and fundraisers to raise money for the Lions Club of Canada’s Dog Guide program.

Everything Lion Brenda takes on is done for the best interest of someone else. She does not take admiration and compliments easily as she does not consider them when she participates in any community event…it is always done for the betterment of someone else. She has literally and figuratively taken the coat off her own back and given to someone less fortunate. Among several of her Lions peers we respectfully refer to her as our “Community Hero,” with her vest as one of her many capes she wears.  

Outstanding Volunteer

Lion Dawn Barrett has taken on several leadership roles including Club Service Chair ensuring we continue to impact our communities in line with Lions International. As Donations Chair she and her committee continues to gauge and recommend the outflowing of financial support to many initiatives such as Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital, Cancer Society, Terry Fox Walk, as well as, the many individual requests that come in.

With a kind heart, and a calming personality Lion Dawn brings balance and compassion to many of our Lions in their time of need. As our “Cupcake Queen” she has baked, at times, hundreds of cupcakes for a sale or as just a treat.

Always ready with a joke or a grace, Lion Dawn has proven herself to be a Lion who lives by our motto “We Serve” and we are lucky to have her as one of our dedicated volunteers.

It is this commitment to her club, and her community that Lion Dawn Barrett was named Lion of the Year for 2018.


Congratulations to all nominees, volunteers and organizers. We should be proud of the work we do and will continue to do…afterall “Where there is a need, there is a Lion.”