A Century of Service

Stephenville Lions Club may have come into existence nearly 65 years ago, but combined with just four members and there is over a century of service. Just a small number of Lions that represent many Stephenville Lions with decades of service to their club and their community.

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018 during his club visit, District Governor Doug Genge congratulated the club and its members for all their continuous effort and work. He spoke of the importance of keeping in mind the five areas of global service including the newly added pediatric cancer. He reiterated the district’s goals of increased membership (including more women members, leadership roles, new club formation and increase awareness of Lions Quest. 

It was during this presentation that he congratulated Lions Dave Johnston (10 years of service), Tony Menchenton (20 years of service), Gorvin Waye (20 years of service) and Harold Wells (55 years of service) on their many years of service and presented each present with a Milestone Chevron certificate and pin. Together over a century of service.  

Thanking six members for supporting his year as District Governor by joining his cabinet he presented each with a District Chairsperson pin. Recognized were: Lion Henry Hedderson- Speak Out Chair; Lion Dave Rex-Diabetes Awareness Chair; Lion Canon Reverand Dawn Barrett-District Chaplin; Lion John Framp-Spring Convention & Election Chair; Lion Erle Barrett-2nd Vice DG; Lion Corinne Tulk-Women and Family Specialist. 

Several club awards were also presented including: Membership Satisfaction; 4 Stones Banner for 2016-2017; Lions Legacy project; Premier Centennial Lions Club and Dog Guides recognition. 

Following this presentation DG Doug carried out an induction ceremony welcoming four new members to the Stephenville Lions Club: Josh Noseworthy, Daryl Oakley, Jason Wallace, and Sharon Grandy.