Sending them off on the right foot!

For several years the Stephenville Lions Club has supported our youth as they embark on their learning journey. What started many years ago, with reimbursing the cost for a winter’s coat for a young student in Nain, Labrador, has turned into an annual school shopping spree.

A trunk filled with exercises, pencils, erasers and more of the typical school supplies made it’s way across the water up the Labrador coast to a small school in Nain. We are told that it’s like Christmas morning for both students and teachers alike as they open the many boxes and triumph of owning their own box of crayons or pride to put their name on an exercise book.  

Let me ask you a question. How often do you take the little things in life for granted? Little things as simple as a colorful backpack to carry belongings in. Again this year the Stephenville Lions supported the VOCM’s Block the Bus campaign promoting and offering delicious bbq hotdogs. With a $500 donation of our own, over $1300 was collected in monetary donations, while the bus was filled with everything from pencil sharpeners to backpacks to sneakers. The Stephenville Lions Club is proud to be a part of this wonderful collection of school supplies to assist families who find it difficult to get their little ones ready for the upcoming school year. 

While having the right equipment is important to a student’s success, vitally important is ensuring they are in the right mind set, and if you’re anything like me, an empty belly grumbling it’s hungry is a large distraction when I’m trying to concentrate. 

Did you know that for as little as $1 a day, one child can receive a healthy breakfast at school to set them off on the right foot to learn all they need to be successful? Imagine, how much money do we waste on little things like a pack of gum. scratch ticket, or that doughnut we know we shouldn’t eat?

The Kids Eat Smart program serves over 25,000 meals in Newfoundland and Labrador schools every day. When you think of it, even $1 can add up when you do the math and multiply it by 25,000 by 5 days a week by a school year by each school in our province. My brain hurts to think of it. So, they always could use a little help. Did I happen to mention how much the Lions love and support our youth? So again this year, we donated $1000 to each of the six schools in our area, for a total of $6000, that’s us serving 6000 meals to our little folk, awesome feeling it is.

We enjoy knowing that there are hundreds of smiles on children’s faces all over this great province because of our ability to offer some financial assistance and we’re thankful to all our supporters to use our building and come to our bingos,without you, we wouldn’t be able to do as much.

If you’d like to join in on this feeling, the Stephenville Lions Club is always recruiting. Send us a message either on Facebook or at and let’s talk on how you too can be a great part of someone’s life.