Celebrating the future generation

August 12 is International Youth Day! Here in the Bay St. George area we are blessed to have so many wonderful young people who enjoy giving of their time, talents and efforts for the greater good of their community. Gee, kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it. These youth are future leaders, teachers and Lions. 

During this month, the Stephenville Lions Club recognized and celebrated our young people at our monthly Community Cafe with many youth coming out to join us. Working alongside them, our Lions helped prepare, and serve several hundred meals, all free of charge. Many community organizations joined in on the celebration with display boards and resources promoting their services and programs directed at our youth. Patrons and volunteers attending were delighted to be entertained by the musical and vocal talents displayed by many during the 2 hour event. 

Another way to celebrate our youth, is by teaching and leading by example. This year our Community Garden has several new growers, some who can barely reach the latch on the gate to enter. In partnership with the YMCA, the young people in their summer programs have been coming to the garden since the June and working with our Community Garden Chair, Lion Erle Barrett as he excites these future growers with his love of gardening.  Throughout the growing season, together they have planted seeds, weeded, and watered as their gardens nurture and grow. 

Through their interaction with the Stephenville Lions Club, all these youth have gained knowledge, appreciated the value of volunteering and understand the importance of sharing.  The Stephenville Lions Club is happy to celebrate this future generation.