District N3 Clean Up! Stephenville Lions doing their part!

May…the time for sweet songs to be heard coming high from the trees. Grayed gardens come alive with rainbow colors as flowers raise their heads in welcome. When green replaces white. Awww..all wonderful signs of Spring.

But then again, springtime is also when curb sides overflow with remnants of the old, the broken and the replaced. When groups such as the Stephenville Lions Club are found wandering with garbage bag in hand cleaning and renewing our community to its natural beauty.

Saturday, May 13, 2017 yellow vests could be seen dotted along the road to Port Harmon as many Lions volunteered to make our beach side inviting to locals and visitors. As part of District N3’s Youth/Environment Clean-up Day the local Lions Club was one of over 30 clubs who took to their community in efforts of improving it another way…with garbage and refuge removal. 

After just a few hours, the noticeable difference tallied to 31 bags of garbage…not a bad day’s haul. But still so much more to be done. We challenge everyone…individual, group and organization to do your part in cleaning up our community. 

There are so many things we each can do to reduce the garbage that litters and defaces our community and our shoreline. Some of these are as simple as:

  • Bring reusable bags and containers when shopping, traveling, or packing lunches or leftovers.
  • Choose products that are returnable, reusable, or refillable over single-use items.
  • Avoid individually wrapped items, snack packs, and single-serve containers. Buy large containers of items or from bulk bins whenever practical.
  • Purchase items such as dish soap and laundry detergents in concentrate forms.
  • Buy items made of recycled content, and use and reuse them as much as you can. For instance, use both sides of every page of a notebook before moving on to the next clean notebook.  Use unneeded, printed on printer paper for a scratch pad.

Together we all make a difference to our environment. The question is are you make a negative or positive difference?

Source: Rethink Recycling