From our family to yours: Merry Christmas!

With only 4 more sleeps before the jolly old man in red makes his worldwide appearance, everyone is in a tizzie. The lines at the department store are longer, mail carriers are loaded down with Christmas cards, restaurants are busy bussing tables for holiday parties. Everyone is in a hurry to get ready!  But we need to remember the reason for the season, to spread cheer not just drink it!

The Stephenville Lions Club has been busy sharing Christmas joy in the Stephenville area. Since December came in 20161204_142657_hdrthese little elves have given sweet treats to little ones, offered friendly competition for parents against their children (all in the name of fun, of course). There has been singing and hugging, and gifts galore.  We understand why Santa works so hard for one glorious night…the smiles!  Oh my, how a wondrous, genuine smile can make all the preparation and stress worthwhile. No wonder, the Grinch’s cold heart melted, he didn’t have a chance with little Cindy Lou Who’s bright, loving smile aimed at him!

This holiday season we, the Stephenville Lions Club, want to thank everyone who has rented, used, borrowed, hosted, played, accepted, given, received, cooked, ate, cleaned, worked, plowed, shoveled, requested or volunteered with/in/from our club. Thank you for making the Stephenville Lions Club a part of your life, you are the reason we are Lions!   During the holiday season and 365 days of 2017, go ahead and borrow a page from the Lions book, Serve and Give, there is no greater reward than the smile of someone you’ve touched!

Merry Christmas friends and have  safe, happy and healthy New Year!


December Fun!

Since December made it’s appearance, the Stephenville Lions have been busy sharing and spreading Christmas Cheer with miles of smiles behind us!

December 3rd, with our giant, friendly snowman proudly wearing his yellow Lions vest, the Stephenville Lions Club joined dozens o20161203_184106_hdrthers as we slowly made our way through town during the Kinsmen Christmas Parade of Lights! The streets were lined with thousands of observers, young and old, braving the cold to witness the wondrous sight of over 50 floats decked out in beautiful bright colors, and of course, hoping to catch a glimpse of the star of the show-Santa Claus!  Goodie bags were offered to children, while mom and dad received a little reminder of the Stephenville Lions Club as well. Next time they reach for a pen, they’ll be reminded the Stephenville Lions Club is there for them.

Now, you know how the Lions like to keep busy, well, with the parade over, it was time to prepare for the next event-no time to dawdle, we had 44 children and their caregivers coming the next day for our Community Children’s Christmas Party!

With gifts bought and wrapped, cookies baked and iced, games thought and prepared for, we were ready!  And oh what a day! There were so many giggles and smiles, your face hurt by day’s end!

Nothing starts a great winter party like a snowball fight! Of course, it’s always better when it’s a friendly g20161204_132625_hdrame
against your mom and dad! Our indoor snowball fight was such a hit, this may have to be a regular event.  With bellies filled with pizza and cookies, games played and won, it was time for a sing-along…as everyone sang with all their heart about Jingle Bells and sleigh rides, there were jingle bells heard in the room as Santa Claus himself made an appearance.

As the saying goes whether your a kid of two or 102, we all love receiving a little something from someone who thought about us. But, Christmas is also about giving. And there brings no greater joy to someone’s life, especially a Lion, than giving. With 20 handpicked fun toys, Lions Betty-Lou and Corinne, with help from Lion Dave Rex delivered gifts of joy to the Salvation Army Angel Tree for young children who are less fortunate.20161206_192819_hdr

December 13th, we held our monthly dinner meeting, but this is one we all enjoy..NO BUSINESS…Just FUN! Thank you to Marion Rotchford and her staff for our delicious turkey dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Tail Twister, Lion Larry entertained us as he magically prepared Santa and his reindeer for their busy night.

No matter your age, we all, if we are being honest, want to sit on Santa’s lap and whisper what we want for Christmas, some of our members did just that. For some it was believed that the Nice and Naughty list must have img_8021been mixed up, because for some who received a gift, its questionable where they fell…Santa sure is a forgiving guy! LOL!

Now what’s a party without music and a few steps on the dance floor. Lloyd Swyers livened the place up with Jingle Bell Rock and other oldies. A few jigs were danced and many a two-step taken! It was a great night to be with friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Every year, the Stephenville Lions Club enjoys sharing a little company with those who are not fortunate enough to spend Christmas in their own home due to their stay in the hospital, or the seniors homes. This year was no different. With Santa Claus leading the way jingling his bells, Lions Les and Ronnie, along with Sid White accompanied him with accordion and guitar. Parading through the hallways, Lions sang old fashioned and loved Christmas songs to spread a little Christmas love.

Of course, while w20161218_133215_hdre like to think it was our singing and our faces that made the patients smile, if we were to be honest, we know it was the guy in the red suit that did it! Bearing fruit baskets for each, a hug and kind word Lions
and Santa together encouraged many a smile. And while it was an emotional day for many of us, we know that it was all worthwhile as many recognized and welcomed with open arms our little bit of Christmas Cheer!20161218_134104_hdr

Now with only a few sleeps left, it is time for us Lions to slow down and enjoy our time with family. We hope you have a very enjoyable holiday season and take time to spread and enjoy some holiday cheer!

To see what we mean by miles of smiles check out our Photo Gallery.